kawaii mori no circus



Shannon is a polite guy, short blue hair, golden eyes, height: 173 cm.

Socks is a gloomy guy, long blue hair, black eyes, height: 185 cm.

Ouen is a childish guy, short red hair, purple eyes, height: 185 cm.

alrighty then

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    Mew is a horny guy, long blue hair, gray eyes, height: 165 cm… what in da fuck
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    Honey is an expressionless guy with long blonde hair, red eyes and 190cm…..I’m a blonde Izuru…
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    Christy is a sporty guy, short green hair, brown eyes. Height: 167 cm
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    I’m a childish short haired guy with red eyes, 165 cm. Hehe my actual height fuckass
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    Aoi is a polite guy, long purple hair, blue eyes, height: 155 cm. My height is still the same though omg
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    Ana is a cute guy,short red hair, blue eyes, height: 178 cm. my genderbent is my ideal type wat?
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    fionna is a cheery guy, long purple hair, blue eyes, height: 183 cm.
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    Satu is a flirty guy, long red hair, gray eyes, height: 173 cm. …Yep, that’s me! I was gonna draw “Sato” too (a short,...
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    Psych is a flirty guy, short black hair, gray eyes, height: 152 cm. I’m….so…tiny, yet a lady’s man..So I’m good~.
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    b-but i like my red hair Susu...180 cm. FUCK YEAH IM TALL NOW! >BDD
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    183 cm. Maya is a shy guy, long red hair, brown eyes, height: 182 cm.
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    maeve is a childish guy, long red hair, green eyes, height: 183 cm.
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    Sanna is a arrogant guy, long black hair, black eyes, height: 160 cm. I’mokaywiththis.jpg
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    C-D is a polite guy, short blue hair, grey eyes, height 171cm. WTH THAT IS SO CREEPILY ACCURATE DROP FOR THE BLUE HAIR
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    Maddy is a kuudere guy, long black hair, green eyes, height: 180 cm. Okay.
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    mimosa is a perfect guy, long white hair, black eyes, height: 170 cm. keo-pi is a childish guy, long blue hair, black...
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    Sammy is a cute guy, long pink hair, red eyes, height: 175 cm.
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    My genderbend would be myself :D Since I identify with both genders.
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    My genderbending self is a cheery guy, long white hair, green eyes. well the irony im girl with short brown hair but at...
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    Rhesa is a mature guy, long white hair, green eyes, height: 167 cm. Does this mean I’m an elf?
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    173 cm. katie is a homo guy, long green hair, green eyes, height: 190 cm.
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    Alexandra Skylar is a flirty guy, long purple hair, green eyes, height: 187 cm.