kawaii mori no circus

a show were two straight dudes try to get girls by acting gay

the two dudes are accepted into the Girl Squad as the Gay Best Friends and everything seems to be going great for their plan

until the one boy finds out the girls did some kau from togainu no chi shit to the other boy

The Ultimate Enemy: Republican Teen Who Loves Memes, Pitch Perfect, And Brussel Sprouts

when mekakucity actors gets a dark woods circus parody thing then it has become Full Circle

people are like “i want to taste the cigarette on your thighs” but what does that mean 

why are you lickin people’s thighs and why is the essence of cigarette even there

play the mazinger z opening song at your wedding

Important Questions: how many dreamcast games have animes/mangas

xmen evolution was a good show

we just need an otome game with only like 2 Do-S Dudes

Game Idea: fps game where a bara dude’s bara boyfriend is kidnapped by mras who want to get him to like chicks so you have to save him with the power of Bees.

one boss fight is a guy who replaced his limbs with Horse Legs

i cant believe my birthday is next month
_(:3 」∠ )_

people say tumblr would be a high school if it was a place but i usually imagine it as a very large planet with some kingdoms and smaller kingdoms and sometimes a guy with a trumpet comes in and shouts “THE WEST CARTOON HORSE KINGDOM IS IN RAGE” and all the kingdoms get together in a giant castle and eat a bigass pizza

someone please translate kaiten mutenmaru

Things That Might Possibly Be Going On Right Now

  • An MRA leaving a theater showing Frozen in RAGE after the certain comment made about boogers
  • A group of teenage girls meeting each other after school to try and summon that one red headed dude from Kuroko no Basuke
  • A medium sized town deep in the woods that still believes it is the year 1998
  • Robin Hood but MLP toys are taken from Extreme Huge Jerks in the night and given to kids without toys across the world

why was there a di gi charat cameo in the power stone anime
how and why did that happen